AUTOLABS® | Coat : Protect Alpine Coat
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Protect Alpine Coat


Produce a deep, sharp glossy, reflective finish to your paintwork with an enhancing protective layer that adheres to your vehicle’s clear coat.


Shields from future contaminants and UV degradation.




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Quick Detailer

More than a Detailer

This liquid quick detailer with high-gloss optics is designed to enhance your vehicle’s paint surfaces producing a deep, sharp, glossy, reflective finish.


pH netutral, non-acidic, no teflon & no polymers, Coat is designed for all paint surfaces including those that require the most delicate care.  

Protect your car

For the drivers

Coat adds a layer of protection to your clear coat, to help protect from the extremes a drive can offer – road grime, tar, salt, snow and other nasty contaminants.


Can also be used to remove emergency decontaminants such as bird droppings or even as a drying agent during the dry process of a wash.